01Value Addition

Farmers supply their coffee in parchment form. The association handles all the procedures for secondary processing.

The association also promotes local consumption by marketing roasted and ground coffee beans. This will in return generate high incomes for both the secretariat and the farmers.

02Collective Marketing

We collect, process and market our coffee as a group to the rest of the world. We are still looking for more clients for both certified and uncertified coffee, vanilla and yellow bananas.


03Capacity Building

We train farmers on certification standards, good agricultural practices, food security, diversification, financial literacy among others.

This is intended to empower farmers and in return be able to impact on their lives positively.

04Quality Inputs & Equipment

We provide quality tools and equipment to farmers. We also operate a farm input shop which sells these tools and equipment to farmers at subsidized prices. We also provide planting materials like seedlings, food seed, shade trees to farmers