Through the social premium we get from sales, we try to involve ourselves in corporate social responsibility. The premium is managed by a committee elected by the General Assembly, they identify problems in our community and seek for solutions.


01Clean Water Project

We believe our communities deserve and should able to access clean water for better health. We therefore construct new water sources and rehabilitate the one that require such. This is done using social premium funds. The Premium committee is responsible for managing the fund.

02Community Health

Our communities are faced with a problem of distant health services and yet poor roads most especially during the wet season. Many fail to access health service on time and hence some lose their lives.

We therefore in an effort to bring such health services close to communities, we identify and construct health centers and hand these over to local government.

We will definitely not solve the problem completely but we are happy to be doing something.


03School Attendance

We promote school attendance by encouraging parents to take all school going children to school and also by contributing school fees to needy yet bright children. The premium committee is tasked with identifying such children.

04Environmental Care

We encourage farmers to plant more trees, use energy saving methods of cooking, protect endangered species, protect and resist from polluting water streams among others. Our officer in charge of environment takes care of all our environment initiatives.